Nothing compares to the freedom that comes from a bike and a little dirt. Guided by this belief, FIRST DEGREE crafts premium footwear that helps you fall in love with riding even more. Whether you spend your time whiteknuckling rowdy descents, testing your grit on all-day missions, throwing down in the park, or simply cruising the local trail with friends, we share your passion–and aim to elevate your experience. As a brand that’s fiercely independent, we work relentlessly to create premium footwear that makes no compromises. From our headquarters in the Alps, our tight knit crew collaborates with riders from across the globe to develop and refine footwear that places an emphasis on comfort, quality, and performance. And armed with no shortage of style, these shoes look as good as they perform. No matter how you ride or where you ride, you can depend on FIRST DEGREE. We’re riding with you.


The Independent Bike Shoe Brand

Always evolving–that’s the story behind FIRST DEGREE. We’re deeply committed to crafting some of the world’s finest footwear for mountain biking. And because we’re especially nimble, our tight-knit crew is able to readily channel feedback from riders into creating and refining premium footwear that looks as good as it performs.

No Compromises

We craft innovative footwear that’s as rugged and rowdy as today’s riders. With an emphasis on quality and durability, we make no compromises. At FIRST DEGREE, we know that riding hard is hard on shoes. And that’s why we’re committed to crafting premium footwear that’s built to last while also offering exceptional comfort and performance.

Performance Meets Style

Armed with no shortage of style, FIRST DEGREE shoes sport fresh designs while also delivering unrivaled performance. Whether deep into an all-day mission or just kicking back at the bar, riders appreciate their refined appearance and thoughtful attention to detail. Yet don’t be fooled by their clean lines, these shoes are ready to get down and dirty.

All-day Comfort

To ride your best, your feet must be happy. Guided by this belief, we’re deeply committed to crafting unsurpassed footwear that places an emphasis on comfort. The foundation of our shoes is a refined fit that cradles the contours of your feet. We then complement this exceptional fit with sophisticated features–such as strategic cushioning and purpose-driven soles–that further elevate your experience. From dawn to dusk, you can depend on FIRST DEGREE to keep things comfy.